This story will make you smile

Cox Charities, on behalf of Cox Virginia employees, helped to spread cheer and provide much needed support to local food pantries and food banks across Virginia with surprise grants totaling $50,000.

While the demand for food has only increased during these unprecedented times, the supply from local grocers and restaurants is lower than usual, leaving local organizations with nowhere to turn. In the spirit of building a better future for the next generation, Cox Charities Virginia heeded the call to help those in need.

With social distancing in mind, we used virtual meetings to reveal the surprise donations, totaling $50,000. Despite the miles between us, the sheer joy and relief were felt by everyone involved. Check out the videos below for each reveal … but you’ve been warned, they’re guaranteed to make you smile and maybe shed a happy tear or two. #CoronaKindness

Fairfax County Meals on Wheels

Virginia Peninsula Foodbank

Roanoke Meals on Wheels

Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank

Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore

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