The Pet Owner's Guide to Home Automation

February 25, 2020

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Celebrate Responsible Pet Owners Month with 4 smart solutions for your furry friends

For many of us, animals aren’t just pets, they’re family. We care for them like they’re our children and proudly display our love with mugs like “World’s Best (insert breed) Dad.” Being away from them can be tough on us humans, but with smart home solutions, staying connected to your furry friends is easier than ever. Here are some great smart options to get you started.

  1. Smart Cameras Have you ever wondered what your pets do when you’re away? With Cox Homelife cameras, you can check in on your fur babies anytime you’re out. From solving mysteries like which dog tore up the carpet, to who got in the trash, you’ll never have to think "who done it?" again.

  2. Pet Feeders With a smart pet feeder, you can make sure Fido never misses a meal. Check on your pet with the built-in webcam, talk to them with a personal message, and then serve up to six trays of dry or wet food - all from your smartphone. It does everything but scratch behind the ears. Can't trust your pets to keep to their own meals? Get a Furbo and toss small treats to them instead.

  3. Smart Door Locks When nature calls and you’re away, getting a dog walker can be a great solution. But not everyone is comfortable giving out keys to their home. Use smart door locks to remotely allow your dog walker inside your home. Keep your pets, and home, safe and secure by controlling who’s allowed to come and go with the Homelife mobile app.

  4. Smart Speakers Say you check your security camera and see Fido tearing up your new throw pillow. How can you get him to stop if you’re not there? With a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home, you can drop in to the room and tell your pet to “drop the pillow” (in your most convincing voice).

Smart home technology for pets has completely changed the game for pet parents. And with home automation, powered by Cox high-speed internet, now you can stay even closer to the ones you love.

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