How augmented reality and virtual assistance are keeping customers connected from a distance

Cox expedites virtual assist tool to support customers during COVID-19 pandemic

To keep our customers and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cox technicians are no longer going into customers' homes. Instead, we've partnered with Help Lightning to keep customers connected through a new “on-site with virtual assist” tool.

Now, instead of entering a customer’s home to troubleshoot, our technicians can handle service requests from outside. To access on-site with virtual assist support, customers simply request help as they normally would through the Cox website or Connect app. A technician then contacts the customer to get their preferred method of communication – i.e. call, text and/or video chat – and sets up a time to troubleshoot outside of the customer’s home.

If a customer prefers video chat, the technician simply sends the customer a text message with a link to connect. All the customer needs is a smartphone with a rear-facing camera. If using video chat, technicians have the ability use augmented reality (AR) to guide customers through in-home set ups and common issues like tightening the fitting on the back of a cable box.

“On-site virtual assist has been a priority of ours for quite some time, but the rapid escalation of COVID-19 accelerated our push to make this available to our customers now,” said Len Barlik, executive vice president and chief operating officer. “Knowing we’re focused on helping keep our customers and employees safe, our team readied this offering in just 10 days.”

The on-site virtual assist tool is available to both residential and business customers.

“Our team is focused on safely ensuring customers have the support they need to stay connected with their families, friends and community at this time,” said Barlik. “Virtual assist is one of the many ways we are rapidly adjusting to deliver service in this unprecedented crisis.”

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