4 tips for staying safe online

January 28, 2020

In the last decade, the number of internet users has doubled worldwide reaching 4.13 billion users in 2019. Here are 4 tips for staying safe online in a new decade where technology will have an even greater impact on our everyday lives.

  1. Store passwords in a safe place According to Dashlane, the average internet user in 2015 had 130 accounts registered to a single email address. In 2020, that number is set to double to an average of 260 accounts. Creating a unique password for every account you have is great in theory, but how can you possibly remember hundreds of passwords? We recommend using a digital vault like LastPass, Zoho, Dashlane or Keeper. These apps help you create and keep track of unique passwords for each site you log in to. That means less time hitting “forgot password” and more time to getting to the content you care about.

  2. Take control of your home network Protect your in-home network from online threats and hackers. Check with your internet provider to find out what tools are available for managing your wifi. If you’re a Cox Panoramic Wifi customer, the new Panoramic Wifi app gives you the tools to stay vigilant about what’s going on with your network. From securely viewing and changing your wifi name and password to keeping track of who’s on your network at any given time, the Panoramic Wifi app puts you in control.

  3. Use two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of protection to your online accounts. It may take you a few more seconds to log in but taking that extra step to authenticate your identity makes it harder for a thief to access your data. Learn how to set up 2FA on some of the most used services.

  4. Set up parental controls for your kids Kids may be device wizards, but you still need to keep them safe online. Internet parental controls are an easy way for you to make sure your kids stay safe while they’re streaming, gaming, scrolling or chatting. Most internet service providers have parental controls included in your subscription to help you restrict and monitor the time kids spend online while they’re home.

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