Speaker’s Bureau

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Sharing Our Expertise with Local Businesses

At Cox, we’re dedicated to the communities that we serve. We offer a Speaker’s Bureau that includes an array of speakers, topics and formats in which we can share our expertise. Additionally, our leaders craft expert articles on topics that help to meet the needs of local businesses. And, we have Infographics that can help to breakdown complex information into digestible bites.

We feel it’s important to support local businesses and organizations and help them by providing information of technology and business strategies. It’s our goal to partner with your organization to assist in growing and enhancing your business.

Speaker’s Bureau

Our Speaker’s Bureau packet includes bios on executive team members, topic ideas, meeting formats and much more. If you’re interested in pursuing a speaker, contact the Cox Public Affairs office at 757-222-7617.

2016 Speaker’s Bureau Packet


An Infographic is a visual image used to represent information or data. It’s a great way to break down complex information to make it more understandable. We hope you enjoy the Infographics we’ve developed.

6 Creative Marketing Ideas: Infographic – Creative Marketing Ideas

Creative Workspaces: Infographic – Creative Work Spaces

Cox Conserves Heroes Finalist ROA: Infographic – CCH McCorkle

Cox Conserves Heroes Finalist HRD: Infographic – CCH Kersta

Cox Conserves Heroes Finalist & Winner NOVA:  CCH Ford

Celebrate Fairfax:  Infographic – Celebrate Fairfax

2016 Cox Charities Grant Winners: 2015 Cox Charities Grant Winners

Expert Articles

Our business leaders are experts in a wide-range of fields such as technology, media, advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. Many have written educational article articles to share their knowledge on their expertise. We invite you to read and share our expert articles with your colleagues and friends.

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